Grant Showcase: 3D Printer


“Only Your Imagination Limits You”, a grant written by Kaj Holm, for a 3-D printer was funded to continue having our classrooms use innovative technology in a time where budget cuts have been regularly made.  Part 2 expands on my project by acquiring a 3-D scanner to add to the printer.  This will greatly assist with the many future projects I plan to implement in the classroom. 

Over the course of the engineering unit, students will be able to plan for designing something that can be physically made. After properly following the process of design and engineering, students can implement their ideas into real life products.  Materials can be created to be utilized in the classroom as well.  Students who choose to build with their hands prototypes out of common items, can turn around and have a solid plastic version of their imagination brought to life. This is also helpful in a time where computer lab usage is taken up by standardized testing. 

Grants Showcase: 3D Printing at Jefferson

Ryan He, a very well-spoken and inquisitive fourth grader at Jefferson School, taught the board all about 3D printing and showed us some 3D plastic objects made with the Cube 3rd generation printer. His teacher and recipient of the grant, Jodi Kline assisted in the presentation. Watch the video below to learn more.