Grant Showcase: Jefferson Students Write Their Own Books

student books

Blog submitted by Jefferson school teacher Yvonne Larson.

A sincere thanks is owed to the Charleston Excellence in Education Foundation. As a Spring 2015 Small Grant recipient, I am pleased to share that, nearly 100 Charleston students, ranging in ages 3-13, took home books that they themselves had co-authored/ illustrated. Together, we are proving that giving students the opportunity to take more pride in their writing by putting their works into actual books can only be a good thing. 



Student quotes:

"Zion is funny, is nice, and calls me dad." -Jeb

"I'm happy about the buddy book, and so is Hank!" -Imani

"I think buddy books are great because it gives your buddy something to remember you by." -Victoria

"I think it'll be something special to the buddies and their parents." -Sophie